gili air in bali

A Bali Itinerary: 5 Regions in 10 Days

Bali is amazing. This popular island in Indonesia has it all: stunning beaches, mouth-watering food and luxury accommodation on a budget. It’s so diverse but because of its relatively small size – you can explore its best regions in just a short amount of time. With my Bali itinerary, you will see 5 regions in […]

parrots on magnetic island

The Pull of Paradise: Why you need to go to Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island has a pull. You will feel it once you get there or at least after you have spent a couple days in your hammock and at the beach. It’s all about relaxing, beautiful bays and spotting amazing wildlife such as koalas, parrots and rock wallabies. If you’d like to read more about my […]

the emerald lakes on the tongariro alpinr crossing

New Zealand’s North Island: 5 Amazing Experiences

I’ve really had an equally great time on New Zealand’s North Island and South Island. Most people like its south island better but I really don’t have a favorite. Only favorite experiences. And believe me, there are a loooot of amazing experiences you can enjoy on the north island. Most of them revolve around the […]

great views driving through the fjordland national park in new zealand

New Zealand’s South Island: 13 Enchanting Places

I just can’t stop raving about the most enchanting of all places (maybe if I leave Alaska out of the equation because it’s also reaaaaally magical): New Zealand. I’ve really lost my heart here and can’t believe 3 weeks passed by so fast. I am already at the end of my adventure. New Zealand is […]

looking over the shimmering pukaki lake in new zealand

The 6 Bluest Pools in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of superlatives. At least for me. It has the greenest grass, the most adventurous activities, the most varied landscape (glaciers, rainforests, beaches… New Zealand has it all) and the bluest waters I have ever seen. It is definitely among my Top 5 places in the world now. And it continues […]

Mount Doom looming over Mordor in the Tongariro National Park

That day I went to Mordor and got my Travel Spark back

I  know this sounds like a huge contradiction. Mordor – a sinister, scary place where evil reigns. A place where dark mists touch your soul. A place where Mount Doom looms threatingly over the land. How could I possibly get my travel spark back here? How could a place like that enchant me? Because it’s […]

the shire at the hobbiton movie set in new Zealand

Hobbiton: The Cutest (Staged) Village in the World

The grasses here are evergreen. Sweet butterflies soar through the air. Opulent flowers bloom in all colors of the rainbow. Welcome to Hobbiton. One of the cutest, happiest places on earth. Unfortunately, it’s a movie set. A staged place. Still, it almost feels like a real village. And it’s amazing to see this place you […]

My 10 Sydney Highlights – Stunning Beaches, Sparkling City Lights and Secluded Waterfalls

Remember how I could never warm up to Melbourne? I now know why. I’m on Team Sydney. For most people, it’s an either or situation. Find out what Sydney has to offer in my article that just got published on Tropicalist, a website dedicated to travel in Australia. Here are a few photos just as […]

iron hole lookout in tasmania

Where did the spark go? Why Solo Long-Term Travel sucks sometimes and how to fix that

I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster recently. I’ve only been traveling for a little bit more than a month but I have had so many ups and downs, I can barely count them anymore. I always thought that travel was something I really enjoyed. Something that made me feel free, independent and always a little […]

great ocean road twelve apostles

Two Day Tours out of Melbourne – The Great Ocean Road & Grampians National Park

As I said before, I didn’t really warm up to Melbourne. I do think, however, the city generally has a great vibe. I just wasn’t fully able to feel it since, as a backpacker, I didn’t have the money to eat out much in all its cute cafés and fancy hipster restaurants. What I really […]